Pennywise Resale Shoppe

St. John's Episcopal Church of Naperville
Gently Worn Apparel and
Household Items
We offer a variety of excellent quality, stylish items at very low prices. New items arrive each week that are gently used or often, brand new.

Pennywise Proceeds Support Outreach Charities
Proceeds are donated to local, national and international charities. Discover the support we are accomplishing through our Outreach Board at St. John's Episcopal Church. http://stjohns-episcopal.com/outreach

Pennywise accepts strictly donations; no consignments.  All donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by the law.  Please ask for a tax receipt when you drop off your donations, which are accepted when the store is open.

Please note that we do not accept items like large furniture, large appliances, baby cribs, car seats, auto parts, computers, encyclopedias or used bed pillows.  

Remember, your purchases provide support for charitable organizations.